Beans, the general incorporated association that operates Social Good Roasters, is a welfare corporation that operates under the slogan “Leave No One Behind. Our mission is to “always stand on the side of the few who are left behind, and create options for living that are needed in the current era.” Through the operation of welfare facilities, we are working to expand work and lifestyle options for people with disabilities and to support their families.
Our Mission

To stand on the side of the few who are always left behind, and to create options for living that are needed in this day and age.

Our Value

Support Policy: To support self-determination, self-acceptance, and the building of independent relationships based on the principle of self-support.

Management Policy

To continue to provide support for the future through sound financial accounting and strict compliance with laws and regulations.

Nurturing Policy

To expand the circle of equal relationships by recognizing differences while being sincere in each person’s role.

Social policy

To correctly communicate to society the value of recognizing and living with differences.



Company Name General Incorporated Association Beans
Registration Ukigai Building 5F, 1-14-3 Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Year of Establishment June, 2016
Representative Representative Director Takumi Sakano
Fund 20 million yen (FY2020)
Contents of business Operation of welfare facilities
Employee 50 people
A guide first Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Chiyoda Ward, Shibuya Ward